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Students engage with others using both digital media and face-to-face interactions as they work together to master content, learn about themselves
and their environment, and contribute to their personal success and the success of others. Students:
  • Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.
  • Collaborate beyond the school walls with people of varying ages, academic backgrounds and social groups.
  • Offer ideas, strategies, solutions, justifications, and proofs for others to evaluate as well as interpret and evaluate the ideas, strategies, solutions, and justifications of others.* Contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems.
  • Develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with learners of other cultures.

Technology Tools to Support Collaboration Skills


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Examples of Classroom Wikis

Elementary Examples
Middle School Examples
High School Examples

Multiple Educational Wiki Examples

Skype skype_logo.png

Skype Users' Guides

Skype in the Classroom
Classroom Examples of Skype

Around the World with 80 Schools
Framing a Skype Learning Experience by Sylvia Tolisano
Resources from video
Learning Beyond Walls: 21 Skype Resources post by Shelly Terrell
Skyping Ettiquette for the Classroom



Lino-It for iPad

Try it!

Linoit Tutorial Video
Lino-It Classroom Examples

Student Health Class Example

Mr. Harpole's Science LabEnglish 12 Core Assessment

iPads for Learning: Student Collaboration with Lino-It

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-Google Docs for Educators
Classroom Examples of Google Docs

Google Docs and Spreadsheets in the Classroom

Docs for Teachers
Google for Educators Classroom Activities
More classroom activities

Google Sites - Example - 20 in the 21st Cadre Site

Edmodo Tutorials & Resources

Classroom Examples of Edmodo

7 Brilliant Ways to Use Edmodo that Will Blow Your Mind
Edmodo ideas for the classroom (in a collaborative Google Doc!)
How to Annotate Assignments in Edmodo (tool for feedback, too!)


What’s a Voicethread?

Classroom Examples of Voicethread

25 Interesting Ways to Use Voicethread in the Classroom

Daily Life in Ancient EgyptChoose Your Own AdventureMath Lecture
- HSGeometry– ESGeometry
– Finding geometric shapes in the schoolDigital portfolios for student-led parent conferences

D20 School Voicethreads from 21st Century Share Fair 2009
Watch these Voicethreads for ideas on technology and 21st century skills integration in schools!